The power of visibility to unblock collaboration

Panel discussion (45 minutes): September 30 @ 9am PT / 12pm ET

When thinking about team collaboration, our first thoughts usually jump to meetings. And in some ways that makes sense, you have all of your team in the same room and are able to quickly assess the landscape of everyone’s work. 

But how does collaboration scale across multiple teams on expansive projects? And how can you clearly document the work that’s being done so that individuals and teams can gain enough knowledge to foster open collaboration?  

In this 45-minute panel discussion, we’ll take a look at how to foster a culture of collaboration in your engineering teams and beyond by streamlining communication, distributing held knowledge, increasing project and task visibility.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how to place collaboration at the heart of technical projects
  • Create visibility for engineers and their managers
  • Build more cohesive, effective teams

Moderator and panellists

  • Jackie Luo (Software Engineer, Square)
  • Marco Alacot Torres (Engineering Manager, Flywire)
  • Cormac Foster (Senior DevOps Evangelist, GitLab)
  • Raul Herbster (Engineering Manager, Spotify)

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